Business Consultation Services


CEO can assist your business with tapping into the fastest growing labor & customer market in the country – the disability community!


Recruiting in the Disability Community

Assisting your company in setting up strategic sourcing efforts to access the large pool of talented job seekers with disabilities.

Training Support

Using visual management strategies to enhance your training process to assist all your new employees in learning faster during the on boarding process

Accessing Incentives

Helping your company tap a variety of tax credits, training grants, and other incentives that boost your bottom line.

Disability Awareness Training

Providing one time or ongoing training on disability issues and strategies to help your company better support employees and customers with disabilities.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Consultation

Assisting your company in meeting compliance with the ADA and all disability related laws.

Disability Community Marketing

Working with your company to tap into one of the fastest growing and most brand loyal customer communities.

Diversity Planning

Enhancing your diversity plan through active inclusion of people with disabilities. We will provide a consultant to advise you on next steps of setting up a disability outreach.