Training Services

Training Services

Creative Employment Opportunities, Inc (CEO) is pleased to present trainings and services for purchase. CEO is an organization that focuses solely on integrated employment for individuals with disabilities. CEO has been providing 100% community based services to individuals with disabilities for over 20 years. CEO specializes in individualized assessments, job development, and job support, among many other community based services.


CEO trainings are unique because the techniques are being used on a daily basis and the trainings are given by those who also currently provide direct services!


Job Development Training

Are you or your agency in need of new ideas on how to connect with local employers and assist the people you support in reaching their employment goals? CEO will share their successful techniques on how to improve employer relationship and your expand networks; ultimately for the benefit of the clients you serve.

Job Support/Systematic Instruction Training

The CEO team is trained through Marc Gold and Associates. We are also certified trainers of Systematic Instruction, a job coaching technique that promotes the most natural workplace supports possible.  Learn the 7 phases of Systematic Instruction and how to implement them on the job.  This training will also prepare you complete site assessments, develop and implement job analyses, teach job duties, collect data while supporting individuals on the job, and interact with employers and co-workers so individuals can be as independent as possible on the job!

Person Centered Futures Planning Training

Learn how to assist individuals in playing an active role in their future planning. How do you engage the individuals you support, their families, and other people involved in their life  all at once to ensure that needs are being met, goals are being set, and a plan is implemented? This tool is an excellent resource during the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) as well as vocational/employment assessment.

Assessments Training

Assessments can be a challenging task for even for experienced employment support professionals. CEO likes to consider the assessment process, “hanging out with intent”. In other words, the process is to get to know the individual; their needs, interests, what works, what doesn’t work, etc. CEO will teach you and your staff successful techniques on gathering information needed to make accurate and useful recommendations for next steps in career planning.  All of our techniques enable you to complete assessments in completely integrated and community based environments.

Corporate and Small Business Diversity Training

 If interested in booking a session or learning more about professional development opportunities offered by CEO:

Laura A. Owens, PH.D., CESP